ministry teams


The Session of Peace Presbyterian Church oversees and organizes the work of our congregation among the following teams. Speak to Pastor Elizabeth about joining the work of any of these teams.


Administration Team

To faithfully and responsibly manage the financial resources of the church, to provide for personnel reviews for all staff members, and to write policies governing the above.  



Adult Education Team

To provide opportunities for adults to grow in Christian discipleship through Bible studies, small groups, discussions, and devotionals

Building Vision Team

To develop a master plan for the Peace campus, especially the sanctuary building, and to obtain all necessary approvals, as well as carry-out a fund-raising campaign in coordination with Gratitude Team

Children, Youth, & Families Team

To provide opportunities for building authentic relationships and nurturing discipleship among the children, youth, young adults, and families of the church

Congregational Care Team

To nurture authentic relationships and pray for the congregation, with special attention to those in great need and, through the Stephen Ministry, to provide one one-on-one confidential care to people after a divorce, a death or another life crisis

Fellowship Team

To host the fellowship time between Sunday services, encouraging conversation and providing a welcoming atmosphere for all who attend, along with supporting those who host congregational get-togethers and events that strengthen the joyous unity of Christ's Body

Gratitude Team

To encourage and facilitate the involvement of Peace people in giving their time, talent, and treasure with gratitude in their hearts, and to make sure gifts are recorded and people thanked.




                                                                                       Mission Team

To engage with guests from first-time visit until active and involved membership.

Involvement Team

To embody the lifestyle of Jesus Christ by compassionate service to those in need by providing various opportunities for the congregation to give and serve locally, nationally, and throughout the world





Outreach Team

To make Peace’s presence known in the community through website, signage, publicity, and special events, and to welcome guests warmly, providing follow-up contact to encourage their return visits

Property Team

To make the missions of Peace possible by caring for the building and grounds

Worship & Music Team

To assist the Pastor and Director of Music in providing inspiring worship experiences that bring glory to God and challenge and comfort congregants